2015: The Selfish Year

One year ago, i had someone try and tell me who I was and what I felt. This person happened to be upset with me not wanting to date them lololol & so began my year of not having to do things that I didn't want to do (ex: date).

I decided 2015 to be a year of me. A year in which I did what I wanted without taking too many opinions of others or worrying what others would think. Cue: chopping off my hair & booking flights to europe on a whim. It just so happened to be one of the best years of my life.
It was a year that I wasn't filled with worry about school or dating or being liked.
It was the year I decided to not take social media seriously and post what I wanted... when I wanted.
It was the year I decided it was time to attend church to gain a testimony as opposed to gain friends/boyfriends.
It was the year I realized that I really am capable of being loved and loving others.
It was the year I was really able to enjoy the people in my life.

This year was still hard. All of those things did not come easy. I had some pretty emotional and trying months, but I feel good with where I am. I feel ready to conquer this next year. I feel much less scared of change and more prepared for what lies ahead.

& now... a really short (as short as i could) compilation of my life through photographs of my happiest/not happiest times of 2015.


Real life diners & real life love! There's really nothing better than being a witness of love, am I right?


Birthday month with my greatest loves!


That time me & megan hopped in our car for the quickest road trip to vegas strictly for shake shack.
& BYE HAIR (bad photo but first photo of my hairless head)


The first time traveling alone. It almost freaked me out how much I enjoyed it, doing what I wanted when I wanted and having a whole hotel room to myself!!!!


Moving to Salt Lake... best move. Especially when it came to my goal of going to church for the sole purpose of going to church. I have had the best experiences in my ward in Salt Lake. 


I mostly just thought these photos in my phone were too hilarious not to post next to each other. Because really... is this not social media life vs real life????


The month I went to Hawaii and felt so comfortable and confident in a swimsuit it almost freaked me out. 3 cheers for that!


I remember this month being a hard one emotionally for even more reasons than my sister/bff leaving me. I had numerous friends listen to me cry via text, phone, or in my car late at night. So sometimes you have to trade in your all black wardrobe and wear a pink shirt to try and cheer you up.


The month I found true love in Brandon Flowers.


When traveling with friends and Europe became my everything


Busy at work, busy at home, busy with friends. November was just busy. 


The real month of love in my eyes. I love being with my loved ones non stop. I love gifting to show my love. I love love. 

This was a year of love. That is for sure.

Speaking of love.... I'd like to end this post now with a video to also show the love. As if all of these photos weren't enough. 

(& a few non snapchats and maybe ONE dubsmash...)

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