Ever since graduating college and getting a real job (which ties me to a desk 85% of the time....)
I have felt a nagging need for more creativity in my life.
I don't know if I have enough creativity juices in my body to make me chase after 100% purely creative jobs... I also don't have any experience and I definitely have the fear of rejection that would come with trying.

I've just always struggled with finding a middle ground using both sides of my brain.

But the other night as I was getting ready to go the gym I made a rash decision to whip out my doodle pad and just see what would come out...

Background: this year, in an attempt to limit my spending habits, I have been taking a picture of myself/my outfits every day. This may sound strange or egotistical but its seriously working. And I think it will be interesting to see my style/myself change throughout the year.

So I just started doodling on each of my pictures I've taken so far this year. And I loved it and was occupied for hoursssss (obviously the gym didn't happen).

I need a lot of practice, and I'm not necessarily in love the look of all of them but I think they will get better as the year goes along. But it's fun to draw inspiration from my outfits and see what comes to mind. Did an angel come to mind? Yes. So maybe I drew myself as an angel....

Don't worry... I have since cleaned my mirror.

We will see how far this attempt at curating a more creative life goes. Maybe that's my new years resolution??? My secret (not so secret) Instagram account has also been helping.

I'll add that resolution to my list along with "Support and love people even when you disagree with their choices".

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